Dienstag, 3. November 2009

Amber Fort

Just when you think you've seen them all, there is yet an other fort to be seen in Rajathan. This one however truly is a high light. The place had once been the capital of Rajasthan before it was moved to Jaipur since the area of Amber [Amér] just got too small. But holy cow they really built something on the sheer cliffs of the mountins there!
Far up on the mountain the Maharaja built at palace and strong hold for the capital when still today it is a bitch to climb. To ease the ascent for the tourists elephants shuttle back and forth. I feel sorry for the animals trotting up and down the steep hill in the brutal sun (and it is not near as bad as a during the hot time with just slightly below 30 degrees right now...) without a chance to rest for the line of willing tourists is long. So I take the burden upon myself and walk the 10 min. on foot.

I get offers for T-Shirts, post cards, ball pens (!), scarfs (just what I need now) and hat's (ok, that I could use). Once in the first court yard swarms of official guides approach me. I opt for an audio guide to set my own pace.

Inside it's much quieter. No hustling, not traffic, no honking. I like it. But I would like it even better to sit down in a nice cafe now and have a cold coke and a small snack. But no such luck. One just can't have it all!
I meander around the palace listening to my friendly narrators enacting the scenes at court in different roles.

Some of the quarters are really amazing. Made from white marble with all kinds of carvings, ceilings covered in stucco and mirror mosaics - the maharajas truly knew how to live in leisure.

And then I even find a kiosk shortly before I reach the exit and I treat myself to a bottle of cold mango juice. No snacks though. Oh well.

Tomorrow I will head on to Udaipur to finally continue my journey.


Blogger Unknown said...

Wir hatten damals den Elephant Ride genommen, war toll, vor allem weil unser schnelles Tier einen anderen ueberholt hat - halt ein Benzu unter den Elephants of Jaipur.

Viel Spass in Udaipur wuenschen Dir die beiden Spaniolis


9:31 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Sind schon gespannt auf Udaipur.


Bei uns ist heute sehr starker Wind, kuehle Luft und einige Wolken also nix mit Strand.

3:26 PM  

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