Mittwoch, 11. November 2009

Kick it like Beckham

As nice as Jaisalmer is looking at its architecture, the chiseling of sandstone and richly decorated buildings, it is also the single most shity city in all of Rajasthan. And I mean this quite literally. I have not seen one other city in all of Rajasthan with more cow shit on the street than Jaisalmer. And the people even swipe it away on a daily basis!
But that's what you get if you let your holy cows strain everywhere feeding on your garbage.

They will eat anything. Food left overs, plastic bags, paper. Yesterday I saw a cow tearing up a large cardboard box and eating it piece by piece. And it wasn't a box with traces of eatables in or on it. Just a plain old box of corrugated cardboard.

So I am walking down the street, a pretty narrow one. There's an other specimen of these holy creatures, filthy as can be. You watch where you sit or what you touch with your hands here. But these disgustingly dirty animals you don't want to as much as touch with your short or pants.
I am almost past the ruminant when all of a sudden this stupid animal turns and gives me a good check with its forehead at my leg right below my hip! Damn that hurt!
I turn around and give it a firm kick on it's hind leg as well.
What is this thing thinking?!? Like it is the end of the food chain?
But here it kind of is. Who wants to have a slice of something feeding on municipal waste?
I don't!
But I'm lookig forward to a nice slice of juicy steak or some filet of a young calf...


Blogger Unknown said...

If only you would known what those cows, oxen, bulls, calves etc. that you have been eating had been fed by you would have wished it was only cardboard...

Over here they sell pork, that is pig's meat and at the same time they vaccinate people against swine flue ... now what is is then.

Go get yourself some nice veggie food and some nice corn brew and enjoy.

greetings from cold Germany


5:40 PM  
Anonymous Pa der Vadder said...

Was für ein Bild !!! Indischer geht es kaum noch ...

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Indienexperte aus Vörstetten said...

Wollte mal anmerken, dass bei weitem ja nicht alle Kühe auf den Straßen sogenannte Holy Cows sind.
Das sind die wenigsten - sagte man mir.
Es gibt auch einfach nur einfache Kühe, die schaffen dann bei der Müllabfuhr, zum Beispiel :-)
Gut, dass du dem Viech nochmal eine getreten hast, sonst lernt es es ja nie
Gruß dein IEaV

11:46 PM  

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