Dienstag, 3. November 2009

Jaipur once again

No places available on buses leaving Pushkar. With several tenthousdands of pilrgims there and almost as many tourist all wanting to leave around now there is no way in hell to get a seat on a bus. And standing all the way to Jaipur in the isle packed left and right with fellow pilgrims is just not an option... So I get myself a private car for the price of one night in a Delux hotel room and drive the 275km back to Jaipur. It's a highway with three lane each way but 70km/h is the most the car can go due to traffic and road conditions. All of a sudden there is traffic coming our way and a congestion where parts of the middle divider misses and cars and trucks turn to the other side into the oncoming traffic. My driver also passes over and now we are the oncoming traffic for the other direction. We stay close to the divider - except to pass trucks and motorcycles off course...
Then we see the reason for all this. On the way to Jaipur a tank truck crashed and turned over to the side blocking all three lanes. Thank god, the tank seems to have been empty. More burning fuel around Jaipur is currently just not needed - and I doubt there are any fire trucks to be spared for such a trifle.

We get to Jaipur though and I manage to get a Superior room again at my hotel for the price of a Deluxe.
It's afternoon to I head up to Nahargarh Fort overlooking Jaipur.
One can easily get confused with all the forts in Rajathan. And they all seemed to be pink also build from red sandstone or pretend to be. They are currently fixing the place up - but probably have been for decades now. The sign at the entrance kind of annoys be as it reminds western tourist not to scratch the walls, write on them or leave garbage. I am one of the very few western tourists here but tons of hindi names written onto or scratched into the plaster. And of course there is the obligatory heap of garbage of all kinds laying around. It makes me sad the natives just don't give a damn about there heritage and preserving it in beauty but it enrages me if on top of it they pretend it is the western tourists who are responsible for the heaps of junk and shit everywhere!
That said, it was kind of a nice place with a neat look. Too bad the weather is kind of hazy. Or is it the fall out of the still burning oil depot? I can make out the towers of smoke far away at the horizon - probably not near as far away as it seems in the haze.
I go to bed early. I caught a cold and my body is aching. My temperature is fine though. So rest assured I'll manage.


Anonymous Indienexperte aus dem East Village said...

Mich hat's auch umgehauen mit der Grippe. Geht aber fast schon wieder. Aber vielleicht kannst du noch ein paar Ausfuehrungen zu Deinem Stuhlgang geben, das wuerde mich schon interessieren! Hoffentlich geht's Dir bald wieder gut.

der Indienexperte aus dem East Village

4:32 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Stuhlgangmaessig aus Espana nix Neues.
Auch sonst alles in bester spanischer Unordnung. Waren heute wieder schwimmen, sehr starker Wind, tolle bella Wella, Temperaturen ok. Meer schaetzungsweise 22 Grad. Allerseits eine gute Zeit!


9:28 PM  
Blogger Jan Siebrecht said...

Keine Grippe, nur Erkaeltung.

2:44 PM  

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