Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2009

Holy Cow!

My first day in Delhi.
I get up step outside to go next door and get some breakfast and what is literally the first thing I see? Right in the middle of the street it is. "Holy Cow" I say to myself and that exactly what it is.
After breakfast I dive into it. What a zoo! There must be about 1.000 people per squaremeter. A gazillion rickshaws twice as many motos and your occasional horse cart. I get called all the time for rides, for stuff to buy for anything else. I force myself to activly ignore it all.
All of a sudden I find myself in front of the New Delhi Train Station. I step inside, wave off the hords trying to tell me I need to buy a ticket to go in and make my way to the tourist travel office on the first floor up. There you need to register on a form which train exactly you want to book. How am I supposed to know that. But with pacience and perseverance I get what I need.
Strange thing, not even here at the Indian Railroad do they take credit cards. I need to get a heap of cash if I have to pay everything effectivo.
I head over to the Red Fort and spend the afternoon there.
The pressure of the street is a little less there. Still people eye me all the time. They secretivly snap pictures of me with their cell phones. Sometimes they even come up to me and ask if they may take a picture of me with them in it as well. It's funny, I'm as alien to them as they are to me. Only they get more candid photographs in than I do.
Later in the evening I head over to the Jama Masjid mosque. The inner square is huge and I climb the minaret for the view. The top is jam packed with people pressed against the grated windows. After some time I'm at the front.
I't getting late. The sun is alost gone. I better get going.
I head down Bazar Road for New Delhi West then hop on the metro and head for Connought Quare. Tons of stylish places for shopping. Very different from what I saw in Old Delhi. I duck into a nice restaurant and treat myself to the second Indian meal of the trip then make my way back to the hotel. I still need to do some research for places in Pushkar.


Blogger Holger Siebrecht said...

Sounds crazy, stressful, amazing, fun, exhausting, exciting! Isn't it SO different from the chaos that e.g. Bangkok is? Bankok still feels tractable somehow. Delhi, not so much. I imagine next stop is Agra?

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Vörstetter Indienexperte said...

ja also ich hoff mal, dass du den Stafan Loose dabei hast, denn da stehen ja einige Tipps zu aktuellen Zügen etc. drin.
Bisschen Bargeld braucht man in der Tat. Un so ganz ohne sollte man auch nirgendwo stranden.
Du wirst aber auch in den nächsten Tagen merken, dass wenn du dich mit denen ein bisschen einlässt, dann isses halb so schlimm. Also nicht immer abblocken, sondern ruig auch mal ein Späßchen mitmachen, das wundert die dann auch.
Ala, noch viel Spaß

9:56 PM  

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